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I’ve been falsely accused of child sexual abuse, what should I do?

Does it make any difference if I’m innocent?

Why should I have to hire a consulting firm, isn’t having a lawyer enough?

How much does it cost to hire Nichols Consulting?
What if I want your help but my lawyer doesn’t?

How much should it cost me to try my case?

When I call Nichols Consulting is my conversation confidential?

Since you are located in New York, do you have anyone to help me in my location?

I have just found out I’m accused and the social service people will be coming over, what should I say to them? 

The police told me they want to interview me. I’ve done nothing wrong.  Shouldn’t I cooperate?

What kind of cases does Nichols Consulting help with? 

I’m just not sure if my case is going right, what can you do to help?

How much does a case assessment cost?

Beyond the case assessment, what other services does Nichols Consulting provide?

Do you provide expert testimony?

I was told that there are tests that I can take that will prove that I am innocent and the state will drop the charges.  Shouldn’t I take these tests?