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How will Nichols Consulting help in the cross-examination of adverse experts and factual witnesses?

Edward Nichols, and the consulting firm he founded, are nationally known for their ability to assist counsel in holding  an adverse  expert’s “feet to the fire” with the use of current, state-of-the-art, scientific research.

The plain truth is that science is on the side of the falsely accused.  It is equally true that defense counsel typically does not have the hard-science at his disposal, and most experts he employs do not either.

Moreover, traditional defense strategies often result in the calling of a defense expert to counter the state’s expert.  In effect, many defense attorneys choose, for lack of another alternative, to fight “junk science” with more “junk science”.  The result: Juries view the state’s expert as a “champion of children’s causes” and the defense expert as a “hired gun”.

The most dramatic and effective alternative is to turn the state’s expert into your expert with the use of current scientific research and other materials provided to you by Nichols Consulting.  This also saves the cost of a testifying defense expert.

Nichols Consulting is also able to assist with factual witnesses especially “factual” witnesses that are brought under hearsay exceptions that are typical in these cases. Next Question