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False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse:
Attorney & Client Desk Reference

By Edward Nichols, MSW, LCSW-R

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When your case turns on your
ability to counter the complex expert testimony,
You'll turn to this practical reference.

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False allegations of child sexual abuse are an unfortunate reality in both civil and criminal settings. When the fate of a client turns on the ability to understand, organize and integrate complex components of expert testimony, you will want to turn to False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: Attorney & Client Desk Reference.

Written by an "insider" - The author's extensive experience in forensic social work  and psychotherapy -- both as a protective caseworker and private practitioner -- will provide you with critical insights into the weaknesses of expert evaluations and testimony in cases of false allegations.  Written in a practical, straight-forward style, you will learn the hallmarks of the false allegation and be provided with specific methods for exposing the falsehoods.

Organize your case - While social agencies and prosecutors have organized their efforts nationally, those who represent the falsely accused need assistance in organizing their case. This unique book provides the proven principles of successful representation and effective case management.  From preliminary discovery activities through examination of witnesses, you will be assisted in dealing with the experts and their critical impact on the court.

Put the research to work for you - The key to the successful representation of the falsely accused is knowing the current research and holding adverse experts to the task.  You'll be empowered by the resources contained in this remarkable publication.  Brilliantly cross-indexed, you'll have the latest findings at your fingertips for case planning, depositions, evaluating reports, or cross-examination!


How do you know if a person has been falsely accused?

How do you use the "indicators" of child sexual abuse to your advantage?

How do you effectively handle child protective agencies?

How do you hold mental health professionals within their code of ethics?

What are the key discovery issues in cases of false sexual abuse allegations?

Should you get a second opinion regarding an expert's evaluation?

How do you locate cost-effective expert opinions nationally?

How do you quickly locate the current research that exposes the false allegations?


Goals & Principles: Overcoming the "Hysteria"; "Special" Burdens of Proof; The Factual Case; Impact of Testimony; Principle Discovery Activities; Chain of Evidence; Negotiation Techniques; Financial Case Management; Persuasive Experts; Cross-Examination Principles; Effective Testimony.

Case Management:  Initial Assessment; Preliminary Indicators; Trial Considerations; Available Resources; Assessment of Allegations; Components of Allegations; Identifying the "Players"; The Hidden Agenda.

Assessing The Accused:  Indicators of Pedophilia; About "Profiles"; Family Psychopathology; Emotional Deprivation; Intellectual Impairment; Childhood Abuse; Impulsivity; Narcissism; Coercive Behavior; Impaired Self-Assertion; Substance Abuse; Judgment; Age-Appropriate Sexuality; Sexual Deviations; Psychosis; Immaturity; Child Pornography; Career Choice; Heterosexual Rejection; Denial; Rationalization; Polygraph Tests; Cooperation; Psychopathic Tendencies; Excessive Moralistic Attitudes; Interviewing the Client; Cross-Examination; Examining Your Expert.

Sex Abuse "Indicators":  "Indicators" vs. Normality; Non-Abuse Pathology; "Confessions" by Children; Distrust of Adults; Fear of Going Places; Child's Sexual Knowledge; Sleeplessness; Fears and Worries; Age Regression; Bedwetting; Masturbation; Change of Appetite; Interest in Body Parts; Not Wanting Others; Unexplained Gifts; Being With Older People; Imitating Teens or Adults; Wanting Adult Approval; Sexual Acting Out; Physical Injuries.

Adverse Experts:  Qualification of Experts; Psychiatrists; Psychologists; Social Workers; Agency Caseworkers; Experts and Ethical Codes; Knowledge of the Research; Children's Suggestibility; The Written Evaluation; Conclusions Offered; Alternative Conclusions.

Finding Experts:  The Role of Consultation; Evaluation of Reports; Evaluation of Depositions; Second Opinions; Supporting Research; Hypothetical Testimony; Effective Experts; Controlling Costs.

Research Reference:  Current Research; Research Summaries; Subject Index; Author Index; Article Index; Referenced Annotated Bibliography.

Here's what one leading attorney says:

"Mr. Nichols' book is one of the best desk references that can be obtained regarding this subject, particularly for a solo practitioner who often finds himself appointed to defend one of these cases. I particularly would recommend this treatise for any lawyer, but especially if one does not routinely practice in this area.  This book is an exceptional way to come up to speed regarding the subject and refuting experts surely to be presented by the prosecuting authority."

- Janson A. Kauser, Esq.

Charleston, SC

What Others Are Saying...

The difference between bona fide and false allegations of child sexual abuse have never been made clearer....

The author presents a systematic and practical way to demonstrate to the court that the client has been falsely accused.

Nichols' background as a child protective worker and nationally known forensic expert reveals the inner workings of child protective agencies and the weaknesses of their testimony.

With the latest research findings in this book the cross-examination of witnesses, particularly with respect to the suggestibility of children, clearly exposes the false allegations.

From discovery through trial, this book provides the step-by-step procedures to organize and manage a successful case.

This could be the most valuable volume in the library of the domestic or criminal lawyer.

False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse:

Attorney & Client Desk Reference, Third Edition

By Edward Nichols, MSW, LCSW-R

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