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How much does Nichols Consulting cost?

We charge an hourly fee comparable to the hourly fees charged by attorneys and mental health experts nationally.  We also perform many services on a flat fee basis.

In terms of the overall cost for the case, since our services most often reduce the cost of primary legal services, the overall cost of the case is about the same, or sometimes less?

Attorneys who are primarily motivated by how much they can extract financially from clients on a given case typically do not retain us.  Attorneys who take pride in their work more typically do.  Moreover, Nichols Consulting maintains a substantial national panel of referral attorneys.  Attorneys who work cases with us often become our “go to” referral lawyers in their geographic area.  So, in actuality, there is a financial incentive for responsi­ble attorneys to retain us, and an obvious benefit to their clients. Attorneys interested in receiving referrals are urged to call us.

During your free initial consultation an estimate of the cost of requested services will be given.  Sometimes only telephone consultation and document reviews are necessary, and sometimes Mr. Nichols and/or others will be dispatched to your location to assist. Next Question