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Edward Nichols M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

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false allegations of child sexual abuse..."


The problem:

Cases involving false allegations of child sexual abuse require a special burden of proof whereby it must be shown that:

  • the alleged victim's testimony is false
  • why the false allegations were made, and
  • how the false allegations were developed

Attorneys who ignore this special burden do so at their client's expense.

The testimony of adverse experts in these cases is designed to provide an explanation for the inconsistencies and implausibilities that normally impeach the complaining witnesses credibility.

Whether in a criminal or civil matter, these cases require specific expertise in developing an effective theory of the case and strategy to facilitate a desirable result.  Highly experienced attorneys, without specific experience in many false abuse cases, routinely experience disastrous results.

Unlike other cases, these cases require a proactive posture rather than a defensive posture.  From opening to closing statements, the successful attorney must present a proactive case which is mindful of the special dynamics at work in allegations of child sexual abuse.

The solution: 

Our professional consultants will guide you through every phase of preparing and executing an effective case in either criminal or civil matters.

Who we are....

 We are seasoned professionals from a mental health or legal background with decades of experience in bringing about successful resolutions in cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse.  Founded by Edward Nichols, author of False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: The Attorney's Desk Reference, our consultants have been hand-picked on the basis of their national experience and effectiveness.

What we do....

 We provide comprehensive services that may include any or all of the following:

  • Initial case assessment - document review
  • Formulation of an effective theory of the case
  • Strategy development
  • Analysis of evidentiary issues
  • Analysis of witnesses statements, reports and video and/or audio taped statements
  • Analysis and assistance with motion practice
  • Analysis and assistance in formulating a pre-trial strategy
  • Assistance in the cross-examination of adverse experts and factual witnesses
  • Assistance in the cross-examination of the alleged victim[s]
  • Securing and preparing defense or rebuttal experts
  • Preparation of your factual witnesses
  • Legal and mental health research
  • Assistance in the preparation of opening and closing statements
  • Jury selection
  • Co-counsel and other trial services

How we do it....

 Our comprehensive services are as close as your telephone!  We will begin by extending a gratis telephone consultation to begin understanding your needs.  If retained we will typically dispatch consultants to your location and begin our work.  Much of our work does not require being in your jurisdiction and is performed efficiently from our offices.  There is no need to "re-invent the wheel".   We have assisted in many cases from coast to coast. Our expertise is as near as your phone!

What attorneys are saying....

 When I was first retained, I had no idea where to begin. From the first day I spoke to you, I have felt more comfortable handling this case.  You told me the questions to ask and what evidence to look for. When it became clear we needed more expert help, you identified the experts and helped convince those experts to assist.

No one understands, until they are in the position of doing it, just how difficult handling a case involving sexual allegations by children can be.  Ordinary legal experience does not prepare one for the rigors involved in challenging the testimony of children who are alleging they have been abused.  Ordinary legal experience does not prepare one for the attitudes of the court or others in the legal system in this kind of case. Ordinary legal experience does not prepare one to challenge, or even recognize, the sloppy work of social workers, police, and prosecutors in preparing this kind of case for trial.

Nichols Consulting has the experience and knowledge. Having your help lifted a great weight from my shoulders. Because of your help, my client will not spend the rest of his life in prison. Thanks for all your help.

David J. Brown, Esq.

Lawrence, Kansas  

What clients are saying....

 Nichols Consulting was instrumental in identifying the environmental and psychosocial factors underlying false allegations of child sexual abuse and ultimately helping construct my defense against these outrageous charges.  Once the jury understood the dynamics underlying false allegations of child sexual abuse and how it accurately applied itself to my situation, they quickly saw the truth and made the right and correct decision, not guilty.

Mr. Nichols' insight, knowledge, availability of current research and expertise were invaluable in proving my innocence.  Thank you Mr. Nichols! 

Jeffrey Lee Schlegel

Carlisle, PA

About Us

Nichols Consulting was founded by Edward Nichols, who is a licensed professional social worker and psychotherapist (M.S.W., L.C.S.W.). We are based in Sidney, New York. With over 25 years  of professional experience, including private practice, consultation, and retention as an expert witness nationally, his comprehensive reference volume, False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: The Attorney's Desk Reference, was first published in 1994 [N.C.P.I., Inc: Conway, S.C.]. This book, reviewed by BNA's Family Law Reporter, became a nationalsuccess and he was retained as a consultant in a variety of cases nationally.

Today, Edward Nichols is a key member of our national consulting firm that bears his name. We are a national consulting firm that exclusively assists clients and their attorneys in cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse. Nichols' revised book is now exclusively available from this web site.  Additionally, Nichols Consulting has made our Motions Library and Child Suggestibility Litigation Library available from this site by immediate download.

Edward Nichols travels extensively across America consulting with clients and their attorneys. He spends many hours each week providing free consultation to those calling Nichols Consulting.

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